How important is the ability to manage a foreign language in customer service? Even a few words can make a difference, especially when it comes to welcoming guests in a hotel environment and assisting them with the basic procedures at the check in desk. Take for example Italian tourists. There are thousands of them every day coming to London and around the United Kingdom. Some Italian customers have a good command of English, but still they love it when at the reception there is somebody able to greet them with a friendly “buongiorno!”.

Some of us had been working for many years as a hotel receptionist in Central London, so we know how people from our country positively react when you welcome them in their own language. But some of us have been working for many years as a language teacher too, so that we know how to make the best results from a student in just a few hours.

Within our company’s activities, we have now decided to promote tailor made Italian language courses just for hotel customer service purposes, which is something completely innovative in the specific sector. In just 8 hour course (4 lessons), we will teach your staff how:

Greet and welcome guests at the check in.

Ask guests to fill the registration form.

Provide guests with the main information about the hotel.

Provide guests with directions.

Read the language with the proper pronunciation.

Manage the vocabulary related to the hotel business.

The price depends on the number of employees attending the course.
Generally, we charge £ 300 for a group of 8 people.
Every employee will be provided with a certificate of attendance.
With a small budget, you can make a very significant impact!

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