A festival will take place in Umbria (Italy) to celebrate the bicentenary of Mary and Percy Shelley‘s visit to the Terni Waterfalls, a famous tourist attraction for the travellers of the Grand Tour.

The Shelley’s went there on the 18th November 1818. Both of them were extremely impressed by the majestic view. Terni waterfalls, also known as Cascata delle Marmore, are 165 metres high, the highest in Europe.

Mary Shelley wrote: <<It put me in mind of Sappho leaping from a rock and her form vanishing as in the shape of a swan in the distance>>.

Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote: <<We went to Terni, and saw the cataract of the Velino. This is the second grandest spectacle I ever saw. But words (and far less could painting) will not express it. The very imagination is bewildered in it>>.

Furthermore, this year is also the bicentenary of the publication of the gothic novel Frankenstein, which is Mary Shelley’s most notable work.

The celebration, which is at its first edition, is called TERNI FALLS FESTIVAL.

It is organised by the cultural association “Porto di Narni, approdo d’Europa”.

As many famous travellers visited the area of Terni and Narni during XVII and XVIII centuries (Lord Byron, William Turner, von Goethe, Giacomo Casanova, Hans Christian Andersen, Camille Corot, Giacomo Leopardi, Felix Mendelssohn, Charles Dickens etc.), every year the festival will focus on one of this characters.

By train from Rome, the journey to Terni and Narni takes only about one hour.

Several interesting events will take place in the beautiful area of Terni-Narni-Valnerina between 16th-18th November 2018.

All the events will be connected with the Shelley’s or with a gothic theme experience.

Below is a summary of the main events:


Conference about Mary Shelley and Frankenstein by prof. Elisabetta Marino “University of Tor Vergata” (Sala Circolo Il Drago, 4.00 pm).

Cultural aperitif about the psychological and philosophical aspects of the novel Frankenstein (Mishima, 6.00 pm).


Walking tour of the city “with the eyes of the Shelley’s”, also available in English (from Piazza Garibaldi, 2.30 pm).

Conference about Percy Bysshe Shelley by prof. Francesco Rognoni “University of Sacro Cuore Milano” (Museo Eroli, 4.00 pm).

Visit of the Narni Sotterranea, the underground cells of the Inquisition, also available in English (5.30 pm).



Concert by local students with gothic musics and reading section from the novel Frankenstein (Palazzo Gazzoli, 9.00 pm).


Theatrical performance by the actor Stefano de Majo with title “Frankenstein, io sono il mio doppio” (11.00 am).

Visit of the Terni waterfalls (12.30 pm).

Brunch with tasting of local cuisine (1.30 pm).



Walking tour of the city “with the eyes of the Shelley’s”, also available in English (from Piazza della Repubblica, 4.00 pm).


All the locations mentioned above are located within a distance of about 20 kms.

Some of the events will be free (for example, the two conferences). For others, a little donation is suggested, as follows:

20 Euro: access to all the events included in the schedule.

15 Euro: access to all the events on 18th November.

10 Euro: brunch with tasting of local cuisine.

5 Euro: access to the waterfalls + theatrical performance.

4 Euro: walking tour of Terni.

3 Euro: walking tour of Narni.

3 Euro: visit of the Narni Sotterranea.

For children age 17-10, a donation of 50% would be enough.

Organisers would appreciate if donations can be made in advance following the instructions of the below link:


Terni is a city with lots of bars, pubs, restaurants and a vibrant night life.

Organisers would be glad to provide more information and assistance for the planning of your stay.

Please contact: londrainitaliano@gmail.com

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